Premier League Matchday 13 predictions: Man City vs Liverpool great fight, Arsenal benefits

TTSK – Matchday 13 of Premier League. Man City vs Liverpool promises to create an exciting match together in round 13 of the Premier League. Of course Arsenal will be the beneficiary.


The match between Man City and Liverpool is the focus of round 13 of the Premier League. Both teams are currently in good form and ranked high in the Premier League.

Man City is at the top of the table, but they are only 1 point ahead of Liverpool. This makes the upcoming match even more tense. Any team that gets 3 points will make a big breakthrough in the Premier League rankings.


The brightest stars of the Premier League will gather in the great battle between Man City and Liverpool


Notably, Man City and Liverpool are both among the teams with the best attack in the Premier League this season. Therefore, fans have every right to expect the two teams to create an attractive duel.

Man City’s biggest advantage over Liverpool is playing at Etihad’s home field. In every arena in the current season, any opponent that marches to the field of the blue half of Manchester will leave empty-handed.


Another match that also brings great attraction is the match between Tottenham and Aston Villa. These two teams are only 1 point apart and ranked in the top 5 of the tournament.

Tottenham needs to find victory again after facing two consecutive defeats. But Aston Villa will not make it easy for Spurs to achieve their goal.

Aston Villa’s form is very high as they won 3 of the last 4 matches in the Premier League. Meanwhile, Tottenham is facing a force crisis when a number of key players are injured.


MU needs to show a more convincing performance


Meanwhile, MU in round 13 of the Premier League met Everton, the new team had 10 points deducted due to violating financial regulations. Currently, Everton has dropped straight to 19th place with only 4 points in hand.

Everton’s current situation is quite pitiful, but that does not mean MU can underestimate the home team at Goodison Park. Remember in the last 5 rounds, Everton won 10 points.

Meanwhile, MU still cannot create peace of mind for home team fans. The playing style that the home team at Old Trafford showed was ineffective, not to mention that this team’s internal affairs were not at all peaceful.



Predict the score of round 13 of the Premier League

Saturday, November 25

Man City 2-2 Liverpool

Sheffield 0-1 Bournemouth

Nottingham 0-2 Brighton

Burnley 0-1 West Ham

Luton 0-2 Crystal Palace

Newcastle 1-1 Chelsea

Sunday, November 26

Brentford 1-3 Arsenal

Tottenham 1-2 Aston Villa

Everton 1-2 MU

Monday, November 28

Fulham 1-1 Wolves