Galatasaray 3-3 Man Utd highlights | Champions League 2023/24 Group A

TTSK – (Galatasaray 3-3 Man United). Round 5 of Group A Champions League. 6 goals appeared in the match at RAMS Park, including both masterpieces and unbelievable mistakes.

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Marching to Galatasaray’s “pan of fire” RAMS Park, MU surprised many people when they entered the match with full enthusiasm, even somewhat dominating their opponents.

In the 14th minute, Bruno Fernandes coordinated with Hojlund and “set up” for Garnacho to shoot the left shot into the home team’s net, opening the score for MU. Surprise after surprise, in the 18th minute, Fernandes performed a “cannon shot” outside the penalty area to increase the score to 2-0.


MU gained an early advantage thanks to Garnacho and Fernandes


In the 29th minute, Hakim Ziyech sparked hope of winning points for the home team with a classy free kick, shortening the gap to 1-2.

In addition to the two goals, MU’s attack was relatively explosive in the first half, creating many opportunities. However, the defenders and goalkeeper Onana made fans “heart-stopping” many times with many unsafe moves.


The exciting climax continued to appear in the second half. In the 55th minute, McTominay perfectly ended the counterattack with a goal to increase the score to 3-1 for MU, only regretting that Onana once again played the role of “criminal”. In the 62nd minute, the Cameroonian goalkeeper did not catch the ball well after Ziyech’s free kick and conceded, helping Galatasaray shorten the gap to 2-3.

MU’s tragedy has not stopped. In the 71st minute, substitute Akturkoglu made a left shot to beat Onana, equalizing 3-3.


Hakim Ziyech played very well


During the remaining time of the match, a series of opportunities were created by MU players, but the away team appeared to lack sharpness and a bit of luck, typically Fernandes’s shot hit the post. 85 minutes.

Drawing 3-3 in the end, Galatasaray still ranked 3rd in Group A (5 points/5 matches), while MU stood still in last place (4 points/5 matches).

FT: Galatasaray 3-3 Man Utd


Galatasaray: Ziyech 29′ 62′, Akturkoglu 71′

Man United: Garnacho 11′ Fernandes 18′, McTominay 55′

Start lineups

Logo Galatasaray - GS Galatasaray: Muslera, Boey, Bardakci, Ayhan, Angelino, Torreira, Ndombele, Ziyech, Mertens, Zaha, Icardi

Logo Manchester United - MUN Man United: Onana, Wan-Bissaka, Maguire, Lindelof, Shaw, McTominay, Amrabat, Antony, Fernandes, Garnacho, Hojlund

In terms of gameplay, the Red Devils have not really impressed. Remember, in 8 wins in the Premier League, in 5 matches, their expected number of goals was lower than their opponents. Even the win against Everton was the same. In the first half, Andre Onana’s goal was challenged several times. Everton’s expected goals in the first half amounted to 1.01, while United’s similar number was only 0.09. But in the end, the Red Devils were the team that scored.




Looking more broadly, many of Man Utd’s victories were unconvincing, such as the 1-0 victory at Fulham Stadium, or the 2-1 victory over Brentford thanks to 2 goals scored in extra time. Overall, MU has not yet created a feeling of safety and trust with their playing style.

As for Galatasaray, they are in very high form. The Turkish representative has won 15/20 recent matches in all competitions. In the first leg against MU, Galatasaray also won 3-2 away from home. In the most recent series, Galatasaray only lost narrowly to Bayern Munich with a score of 1-2. Those are proof that this team is full of confidence in welcoming MU.